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If you are a Master Mason in good standing. You can-and should-become a Prophet in the Grotto. Accept the three great gifts which await you . . . a sense of mystery . . . laughter . . . and fraternal GOOD FELLOWSHIP. Attend one of our meetings or contact us for a petition.


The man who comes to the Grotto had his Masonic origin in a Blue Lodge, where he was taught to reverence the name of GOD and to pray for guidance. He came on through the Degrees, where his knowledge of the dignity of Masonry was expanded, and the GROTTO was provided for him as a place where he might join with his Brothers in letting human instincts for fun, pleasure, and amusement have sway.

The GROTTO was not and is not given to Masons as a place for exercising practices that would not be tolerated in the Masonic Bodies or which are taboo among gentlemen. The GROTTO stands for all of Masonry and for wholesomeness in life. It stands for letting in the sunshine on discouragement, grief, and woe; it would substitute hope for despair at all times.

Without the formalities that attend the Degrees in Masonry, it brings members in close fraternal touch and breeds confidence between wearers of the FEZ. The Grotto has always been made up of men in every community, men whom you are glad to know, men who travel by preference on the sunny side of the street, and who play a fair game all the time. They hit the ball hard in business and pleasure, but they know when the brakes should be applied. They sow in kindness, to reap in FRIENDSHIP and GOOD FELLOWSHIP. The Grotto is the playground for Master Masons. When playtime is over there, we go back to the world as MASONS, charged to maintain a “Good Report” among our fellows.

Membership in the GROTTO gives us the right to wear its emblem and to participate in its good works as well as its pleasures. It gives us an opportunity to know the finest fellows on earth, and we should guard this privilege well.




Feramo Grotto Membership Recruitment Incentive/Reward Program

10 new Prophets in 3 years earn Life Membership

1- new Prophet (invite to recognition luncheon)
3- new Prophets (1 years Dues)
5- new Prophets (Feramo Grotto Camp Style Shirt)
7- new Prophets (Humanity Lantern in Prophets Name)
9- new Prophets (Feramo Jacket)
10- new Prophets (1st 10)(Life Membership) after earning Life Membership, the next 10 new Prophets, within a year, receive a Fairchild in Prophet's Name.

VIP (Under 40)

In addition to the VIP program, anyone sponsoring a new or qualified reinstated Prophet that is under 40 years old will receive a special (under 40) pin.


Any Prophet sponsoring 3 new or qualified reinstated members between May 1st and April 30th will be awarded a distinctive GOLD Key emblem. Any Prophet sponsoring 5 new members will receive a RUBY Key, and for 7 or more new members, a DIAMOND Key. A Prophet will receive one (1) key of the highest level he has earned. If in attendance at the Supreme Council Session, the key will be presented by the Grand Monarch.


The first (10) ten Prophets sponsoring 10 new or qualified reinstated Prophets between May 1st and April 30th will receive one (1) FREE night stay in the convention host hotel during the Supreme Council Session. The first Prophet to sponsor twenty-five (25) new Prophets will receive four (4) free nights at the host hotel.


The Prophet sponsoring the greatest number of new members initiated in the entire Realm in any month, with a minimum of two (2), will receive a $100.00 cash award. The initiation report must be turned in to the Supreme Council office by the close of the following month. Awards will be split if a tie occurs.


The Supreme Council will reimburse a Grotto 50% of the cost, up to $300.00, for a Master Mason Night once a year. Contact the Supreme Council Office for details and a PRE-EVENT REQUEST FORM, or find it online at under Secretary Forms. **Please note that a Pre-approval re-quest form and a budget for the event must be sent to the Supreme Council Office attention Membership for approval prior to the event in order for any reimbursement to be paid! Remember that this is not to be used in conjunction with any other event.


The Supreme Council will reimburse a Grotto 50% of the cost, up to $300.00, for sponsoring a hospitality event at a Master Mason Event. This must be pre-approved, including a budget, and is limited to one (1) per year. You must present your program for pre-approval with a budget and can obtain forms from the Supreme Council Office or online at under Secretary Forms. This cannot be used with other events.


We will reimburse a Grotto up to $75.00 for attending and providing refreshments at a Blue Lodge Meeting. You must obtain pre-approval from the Supreme Council Office. These forms may also be found under the Secretary Forms online at


Booklets are available at no charge from the Supreme Council office. A Grotto may have up to 100 per year. Sufficient quantities will be given to every candidate of a one-day class if allowed by the Grand Lodge of that Jurisdiction.


POCKET PETITIONS are also available at no charge from the Supreme Council office.



A six (6) foot display (which can also be used as one or two 3 foot table displays) is available for MASONIC HOSPITALITY and other similar events where a large number of Masons are present. (Shipping by M.O.V.P.E.R.)

The Supreme Council Membership Committee will pay the $50.00 “Prophet at Sight” cost for any Grand Master or Deputy Grand Master joining the Grotto.

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