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29 09, 2016

The Grotto – Why and What it is

The Grotto - Why and What it is M.O.V.P.E.R. - Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm Mystic | Expressing a sense comprehensible only to those of high intelligence. Order | A rank, grade, or class of community or society. Veiled | Enveloped, invested, enshrouded, hidden. Prophets | Foretelling future [...]

27 09, 2016

The Fez

The Fez For a few years the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm had no official emblem to wear. Word got around that the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets were permitted to wear an emblem that set them apart from others and a black Fez head covering was selected [...]

27 09, 2016

The Founder

The Founder LeRoy Fairchild Founder The Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm We know why, how and where the GROTTO - MYSTIC ORDER OF VEILED PROPHETS OF THE ENCHANTED REALM OF NORTH AMERICA-was actually founded. The chief moving spirit in the founding of this organization was LeRoy Fairchild. [...]

27 09, 2016

The Twelve Commandments of the Grotto

The Twelve Commandments of the Grotto 1. To draw the Master Masons of different Lodges into closer and more friendly relations. 2. To create and maintain a spirit of fraternity among us. 3. To discountenance jealousy, enmity and ill feeling. 4. To teach us that we are not only members of one Blue Lodge, [...]

26 09, 2016


WHAT GROTTO MEMBERSHIP MEANS The man who comes to the Grotto had his Masonic origin in a Blue Lodge,where he was taught to reverence the name of GOD, and to pray for guidance. He came on through the Degrees where his knowledge of the dignity of Masonry was expanded, and the GROTTO [...]

26 09, 2016

About Us

WHAT THE GROTTO TEACHES The Grottoes of North America is a charitable organization, dedicated to promoting Goodfellowship, Friendship, and fun amongst Master Masons. Masonry proper, is all work… solemn, serious and sublime work… there is not and never should be a line of light and frivolous from the first step as we enter the [...]

26 09, 2016



25 09, 2016

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